9 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions That’ll Improve Your Traffic | There are a lot of Chrome extensions out there that most marketers don’t use. I’m actually surprised by how few of my friends and colleagues take advantage of Chrome extensions that can help them with their marketing and traffic generation. Today I’m going to share nine amazing Google Chrome extensions that will improve your traffic.

SEOquake –
MozBar –
BuzzStream Buzzmarker –
TubeBuddy – www.tubebuddy.com
Buffer –
Grammarly –
BuzzSumo –
Save to Pocket –
Check My Links –

The first Chrome extension I have for you is SEOquake.

This is a great tool for understanding what your competition is ranking for in the organic search results. It also gives you a great idea as to what is displayed, and what paid ads your competitors are running, and which keywords they’re targeting.

Now the second Chrome extension I have for you is a MozBar.

It provides details like LinkedIn analysis, domain authority. It also has a page analysis feature that allows you to get an overview of the title, the description, and even the schema.org markup of a page. And they have many more page level features as well. They also have link metrics and that shows you page authority, domain authority, which I already mentioned, and the number of linking root domains to any given page that you’re searching.

The third Chrome extension is a BuzzStream Buzzmarker.

It’s an amazing tool for outreach, networking, guest posting and link building. This will crawl any site that you visit and pull out the contact details for the people associated with the site. This will help you find editors, reporters, content marketers.

The next extension, TubeBuddy.

Amazing extension for your video marketing strategy. When you’re viewing any video on YouTube, it’ll show you the tags, the view counts, and so much more. Even better, when you upload your own video, it’ll help suggest tags to you and help you optimize the metadata associated with the video that you just uploaded.

The fifth extension I have for you is Buffer.

This is great for personal branding and growing your authority as you can seamlessly post content to your followers as you browse and read your favorite blogs.

A lot of people are like, “Oh, I’ve got to update my Twitter profile, my Facebook. I got to keep going to all these platforms and manually put in content.” Wouldn’t it just be easier if you’re just reading content, you click a button and boom, you can schedule it for later, and it goes into your promotional calendar?

The sixth extension I have for you is Grammarly.

It’s actually my favorite extension period on Chrome altogether. The reason I love this is when I’m doing marketing based emails, or any work, and I do a ton through my email inbox, or even I’m writing a blog post in WordPress, it’ll tell me any spelling mistakes. Now, Grammarly does have a paid version as well. I use a free one.

The seventh extension that you’ve got to check out is BuzzSumo.

It’s an amazing extension for content creators. It’ll give you idea of what content works in your niche. For example, any page you visit, let’s say a competitor site, it’ll tell you the social media engagement, how many social shares, unique pages and other items like that, and even backlinks.

It helps you target in real time what type of content you should be producing versus what kind of content you shouldn’t be producing.

The eight Chrome extension I have for you is Save to Pocket.

This is super important in a role where there’s endless amount of information. It’s easy to get distracted while researching for your next article or building out your content strategy. Having a browser with dozens of tabs open can be distracting and hurt your productivity.

And last but not least, a Chrome extension that you should use is Check My Links.

This tool is essential for a link building strategy. It’ll show you which links are working properly and which ones are broken for any page that you visit.

Broken links is one of the easiest and simplest ways to convince people to link to you, and this extension will help you find all those broken link opportunities.

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  • darshan singh
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  • Aldine Tree Services
    Posted July 13, 2020 6:05 am

    Hi Neil, and thanks for sharing. If you were to suggest one Chrome extenstion as the most important for a small company trying to rank higher, which would you suggest to start with?
    Thanks for sharing, Delfino

  • Amir Ishfaq
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  • sagbonkhese
    Posted July 13, 2020 6:05 am

    Hey there. I installed a couple of these. I'm wondering how to take the data from SEO Quake and translate it into actionable tasks. The data is useful, I suppose, but unless I can use it to guide some next steps, it's just more noise. Where can I find information on this? Thanks!

  • Inam ullah
    Posted July 13, 2020 6:05 am

    Kindly make a video on micro niche website

  • Museta Crafts
    Posted July 13, 2020 6:05 am

    I don't know if you will have the time to answer….. but I'm asking anyway 🙂 So as I was saying last time I started working on the SEO for my blog thanks to your videos and tips. I'm having an issue. When I use the amazing tool you have on your website to check the SEO…. I get duplicate title tags. And that's because my website it's in English but also translated in Romanian. I'm using All in one SEO pack and I honestly don't know how to set it up to get rid of the duplicate title tags and anything else related to the translated content. One more time….. thanks again for all the great information because you were right…. it does work lol. I can already see results.

  • Village Blogger
    Posted July 13, 2020 6:05 am

    Please keep ubersuggest free it helps poor blogger

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    Posted July 13, 2020 6:05 am

    Please tell any quick way to make some dollars.
    P. S. – please don't tell to sign up on the sites like fiverr bcz its too hard to get order their.

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    Hi Neil, thanks for yet another great video with outstanding content and presentation. Gave you a share on my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Allow me to add another keyword chrome extension I'm using. It's called Keywords Everywhere. Works on both your YouTube Channel and Browser Search pages. I'm also using the VidIQ extension along with Tube Buddy.

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    U r a great counsellor on SEO and you are quite systematic in every step of seo

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    Great stuff as always, Neil!

  • Skip Online
    Posted July 13, 2020 6:05 am

    Mr. Patel, I always enjoy your video tutorials, you share great info. I just wanted to mention an extension that ups the game when it comes to Grammarly. I use an extension called Scribens, which checks spelling, and grammar. It's a free extension and works great! Keep the tutorials coming, they are great!

  • Barbara Clement
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